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    SANG Vehicle List


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    SANG Vehicle List Empty SANG Vehicle List

    Post  koyelz on Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:33 am

    This is the SANG Vehicle List


    SANG Vehicle List Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYzLYC1BT10KQfeLiSXD4d67UsVKElsql9dhay8jOOKOX5rUNS4A-vEYV7
    Made Of Years: 1980
    Weight: 4137 Pounds
    Special Of This Vehicle:Fast in the sand

    2.SANG Patrol Car
    SANG Vehicle List 23u8ufp
    Years Of Made:1987
    Weight:2757 Pounds
    Special of this Vehicle:Fast on the street and Nice lights

    3.Maverick of SANG
    SANG Vehicle List 2nrf3b4
    Years Of Made:1992
    Weight:19887 Pounds
    Special:Fast Speed In The Air And Not Fast Overheated

    4.SANG Ranger
    SANG Vehicle List 153749i
    Years of Made:1988
    Weight:7142 Pounds
    Special:Can be entered more than 4 people

    5.Cargobob With G312 Missiles
    SANG Vehicle List 9851rn
    Years of made:1990
    Weight:22897 Pounds
    Special:Can bring 40 Squad to the war ((RP it))

    6.SANG Rancher Model E991
    SANG Vehicle List Fncw8j
    Years of made:1991
    Weight:9781 Pounds
    Special:Can Take 9 Person ((Rp it))

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