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    Gang Application Empty Gang Application

    Post  Rico_Rodriguez on Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:34 am


    Gang Name: Cluckin' Bell Bad Boys
    Gang Leader: [ALT ACCOUNT] Carlos_Sweet
    Co-leaders (maximum of 2, optional): None
    Background story of the gang (minimum of 150 words): We were just a group of friends. We met in Cluckin' Bell whilst working and things progressed. Because we were in Liberty City crime was a big problem and unforunatly Carlos was dragged into crime and dragged the group with him. They got more and more powerful until FBI Agent Rico Rodriguez ran a sting on the gang, all members but Carlos were arrested. Carlos ran to San Andreas and unfortunatly Rico got transferred there. Carlos is trying to rebuild the gang but Rico is watching him closely.
    Do you have at least $199,000 in your bank: Yes, refund, char hasnt been made yet but my original char is in FBI and I dont want to change that

    Unique rank list:
    Rank 6: The Cock
    Rank 5: The Clown
    Rank 4: Pizza boy
    Rank 3: Frier
    Rank 2: Burger Flipper
    Rank 1: Cashier

    Starting members :
    1.) NONE YET

    Rank 6 skin: 167
    Rank 5 skin: 264
    Rank 4 skin: 155
    Rank 3 skin: 242
    Rank 2 skin: 209
    Rank 1 skin: 252
    Girl skin: 205 I couldnt find skins for some of them so I chose funny ones because that is the intent of the gang

    Cars: 588, 423, 448, 487 (We need a chopper), and for a normal car : 426


    Level of the leader: 1 (New player)
    Past gang/family experience: R5 in many gangs on other servers
    Why you should be given a gang: The server needs more gangs
    Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?: None yet

    Level of the Co-leader(s) (If there is):
    Past gang/family experience:
    Why your gang application should be accepted:

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