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    Complaint on John Skyrise


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    Complaint on John Skyrise Empty Complaint on John Skyrise

    Post  Legends on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:44 pm

    Your In Game Name:Yuri Legends
    Reported Players In Game Name:John Skyrise
    Date And Time Of The Offense:Feb.11,2012 9:38 Pm GMT-5
    What He/She Has Done:NO-RP Taking my badge and We killed and he tells them to kill us when hes dead.
    The First SS I killed him for kicking me out of LSPD and I didn't ASSPULL.Complaint on John Skyrise Samp436
    The other LSPD didn't even tell us to put up our hands??
    Complaint on John Skyrise Samp437n
    It says that John said "Shoot him" When we killed him he has like 0.1hp left... And if you get shot you should be seriously hurt so how can he talk so well...
    Complaint on John Skyrise Samp438l
    He kicks me first and then tells me to put my badge on his desk. That's not fair..
    Complaint on John Skyrise Samp439g
    Other Notes:I want him fired from LSPD and want my damn rank back AGAIN...

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