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    [MUST READ INTACT FEB 11 2012~ ?? ?? 23123] FBI Application Rules


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    [MUST READ INTACT FEB 11 2012~ ?? ?? 23123] FBI Application Rules Empty [MUST READ INTACT FEB 11 2012~ ?? ?? 23123] FBI Application Rules

    Post  DaveROFL on Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:59 pm

    This is a new FBI application rules -> Permission from Damien


    (( The Federal Bereau Of Investigation doesn't accept Alt's - Other's Account Becase alot of people are FBI- LSPD just for fun and for revenge when you're playing when your real account you guys never are active on your FBI-LSPD Alt's so I decided to make this rule and the admins is agree with this rule, so don't let us find out that you have an ALT inside of the FBI or you're going to get kicked and PERMA DENIED FOR EVER that's all Have a nice day! ))

    Section 1: Recommendations and Comments

    After an application is posted, the opinion of respected individuals in the Government and Law Enforcement community is needed. The list of the following people may attached their opinion to an Application whether positive or negative:
    Governor and Vice Governor
    FBI Director and Assistant Director ((ONE OF FBI DIRECTOR/VICE MUST APPROVE MUST))
    LSPD Chief and Deputy Chief ((R6 and R5))
    SAPG General and Lieutenant General ((R6 and R5))

    If you do not make this list DO NOT add your opinion publicly. If you violate this rule proper discipline will be administered. On the other hand, if you have made the list and have reviewed an application we would like you to say a little bit more than "Recommended". I know you are busy and it doesn't have to be much but I have faith in your ability.

    Along with this; giving you permission to post in Applications is a privilege not a right. If you are looking for an argument against the applicant don't start it in their application. It is unprofessional and immature.

    Below are listed all of the requirements for joining the FBI. You must meet these requirements unless notified by the administration of FBI that it will be waived. If you don't get waived for a requirement and don't meet all of them, don't bother applying.

    Must be recommended by FBI Special Agents and above before making applications.
    Must have lived in San Andreas for at least 5 years ((Level 5))
    Must be a Sergeant in the LSPD ((R3 or higher))
    Must obtain recommendations from Law Enforcement Faction leaders/Co-leaders and Governor/Vice-Governor
    Must show strong effort in their application
    Must write a minimum 750 word biography
    May not be currently under investigation by the FBI
    ((Medium-Heavy RP is strictly needed))
    ((Must talk more IC instead of OOC))
    ((Not known as rulebreaker))

    If you have met all the requirements on this list then keep reading. Since you think you have passed all these requirements and understand all the other information on requirement then you would be able to make your official application.

    Section 2: Application and status

    If you have made it this far then you are probably ready to apply. This section gives you information on the application and status.

    Things to consider on your application:
    -Make it entirely your work; don't copy others applications or else it would end in a FACTION ban from FBI
    -If you show effort in your application then we know effort will be taken in your work
    -If you have to lie about anything, then ask yourself why you are applying
    -If you are able to make your application stand out and not look like a fool, take that chance

    Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed and move through several status' until it is ultimately accepted or denied. Once your application changes a status someone from FBI Recruitment will state why your application is in that status and the next steps. The different status of an application are as follows:
    New Application
    Pending Recommendations

    After it is finally Accepted or Denied further instructions about an Interview or instructions on the next time you may apply and why you were denied will be given.

    Section 3: Miscellaneous

    So you have posted your application and are waiting to see your fate. If your application status changes for editing your biography or any other reason go ahead and do it. If your application status changes to "Pending Recommendations" you may get excited and want to get all of your recommendations in. Well there is a big no-no when it comes to application's and trying to get recommendations:


    So, don't ask anyone to check your application or for recommendations. If anyone from FBI Recruitment(members) feels not enough people have noticed your application they will notify the proper members respectfully.
    Remember if you donot follow these rules it will result in a Auto-Denied application.

    Signed - Vice Director David

    (( Permission from Kanye & Damien to change FBI ))

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