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    Skyrise's Administration Application

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    Skyrise's Administration Application Empty Skyrise's Administration Application

    Post  Skyrise on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:31 pm

    In-Game Name(Or Previous Names): John_Skyrise king
    Your Real Life Age: 15
    Country: United States of America
    Timezone(GMT): -6 Central Timezone.

    FreedomRoleplay Questions:

    When did you begin or join Freedom RolePlay: A couple weeks ago when my friend, Vincent, had invited me to the server.

    Are you active in-game, forums?: I am active IG all the time, but not as much on the forums, as I am ALWAYS on SA-MP on a server.

    How long have you been playing on our SA-MP RP Server: A couple weeks. (Rough estimate)

    What is your daily gaming schedule on Freedom Roleplay(Ex: How many hours do you play,check forums etc): I play from about 4-6 hours on weekdays, and as many as possible on weekends.

    Basic Background Questions:

    Have you ever been warned in-game(If so, what for?): Nope.

    Have you been banned from the server(If so, what for?): Nope.

    Have you ever been apart of another RP Community(If so, what community?): XR-G:RP, FS-RP, TBRS, MC-RP, Auxiliary RP, and NG-RP.

    Have you been an Administrator on another SA-MP Server before(If so, for how long?): All the ones listed above, I have been an administrator in, or owned, or co-owned. (Not NG-RP though)

    SA-MP Administration Questions:

    Why do you want to become a SA-MP Administrator: Administrating is what I like to do, and mostly I just want to become a Developer for this server.

    In your own views and words, what do you think a SA-MP Administrator does, and what his/her duties are: An Administrator's job is to watch over the RP, and deal with abusers, and cheaters. They also assist with other items, like on the forums.

    What would you bring to the server and team, if chosen as a SA-MP Administrator:

    Why should the owners select you to be a SA-MP Administrator, over anyone else: I have my experience with larger servers and I can script.

    How would you assist us in fixing and to maintain the SA-MP Server as an Administrator: I can script, and I fix bugs a lot. Also, if it comes to payments, I could help out with hosting (on a paid host).

    Do you consider yourself a helpful person, and someone who can work under pressure. If so, how? Yes, and I work under pressure well. I work under pressure so well, is because I'm use to it, with managing my own servers in the past and administrating on bigger ones.

    Administration Application Agreement Questions:

    Do you understand that giving false information will lead to a straight denial, and if inducted as an Admin, a straight removal: Yes, I do.

    Do you understand the Administration Team works under a hierarchy, which has higher ranks and split powers of authority: Of course, it would be chaos without this system.

    Do you understand that the SA-MP Administration Team, is a "Team", and that we work together to fulfill server and Administrative goals: I do.

    Do you understand that, by applying for a SA-MP Administration position, you are fully aware of our SA-MP Server Rules and Forum Regulations: I am.

    Do you understand that, if successful in becoming a SA-MP Administrator, you will need to be active and that being inactive will hinder your stay within the team: Yes, I understand. king

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