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    Complaint on Lisa Anderson


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    Complaint on Lisa Anderson Empty Complaint on Lisa Anderson

    Post  Legends on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:27 am

    Your In Game Name:Yuri Legends
    Reported Players In Game Name:Lisa Anderson
    Date And Time Of The Offense:February 10,2012 10:20 GMT-5
    What He/She Has Done:/invite'ing people without a live recruitment or him applying. And kicking me without a single RP taking my badge and firing me for a reason?
    Evidence::Complaint on Lisa Anderson Samp423f
    In the first screen shot he is a Civilian and in the second he is a LEO and also she invited him to /uncuff herComplaint on Lisa Anderson Samp422u
    Complaint on Lisa Anderson Samp421jb
    Complaint on Lisa Anderson Samp420x
    Complaint on Lisa Anderson Samp059p
    In these set of pictures ((the link ones)) you can see them killing us and they came to demorgan to kill david after he got cuffed and logged which is non-rp and i spawned at hospital and they started to shoot me.It's NON-RP to start shooting someone again at the hospital when you just killed them..
    Other Notes:If I win this complaint I want back in the LSPD and I suggest removing her before she starts abusing her faction powers.

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    Complaint on Lisa Anderson Empty Re: Complaint on Lisa Anderson

    Post  DaveROFL on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:54 am

    SS's of Lisa Anderson dming and asspulling

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