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    William_Jackson - San Andreas Sheriff's Department Application


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    William_Jackson - San Andreas Sheriff's Department Application Empty William_Jackson - San Andreas Sheriff's Department Application

    Post  William_Jackson on Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:38 am

    In Character

    Full name: William_Jackson

    Gender: Male

    Race: American

    Date of Birth: 03/06/1989

    Place of Birth: Los Santos

    Current active address: Dont have one yet

    Available phone number(s): 8644

    Education: I finished college when i was 20, I wanted to become a sheriff so i had to do it.

    Are you currently in occupation?: No
    If yes, what is your current occupation?:

    Have you had any previous occupations?: No
    If yes, what were your previous occupations?:

    Do you own a current valid driver license?: Yes
    If yes, has it ever been suspended?: No

    Do you posses any knowledge or experience in the law enforcement area?: Yes
    Have you ever been arrested?: No
    If yes for what charges/crimes?:

    Have you ever served time in prison?: No
    If yes for what charges/crimes?:

    Biography (Must be over 200 words): Well, Ever since my dad became a cop, I've always wanted to become one, He didnt get a chance to teach me basics of it because he died while he was in a hot pursuit, I was sad after that, But that did not stop me from being a sheriff i finished doing what is best and learn alot about it, So if i do become this i will do it with all my Hear, Save people, And not mess up.

    Out of Character

    Age: 15
    First Name:William
    Last Name (Not required to answer):
    Country: America
    Do you have a working microphone?:Yes
    Do you have Skype or Teamspeak installed? Yes

    Your server nickname: Will

    Past characters and factions: None

    How long have you been a member of this server?: 1 Day

    Have you ever been banned from this server (if yes, why)?: No

    Why do you wish to join this faction?: Because i want to join as a sheriff Jail bad people, Catch them, Make the danger stop in San Andreas.
    Have you ever played on any other role play servers (if yes, which)?: Yes, Server called LAPD Roleplay
    Do you posses any law enforcement knowledge or role play experience?: Yes
    Have you read the application rules?: Yes
    Any other comments: Nope

    Role Play

    Explain what is role play and its basics: Roleplaying is when you act something out that you would do in real life. Like become a cop, A medic, Or fireman. Do all that how they would in real life.
    Explain what is meta game and give two different examples: Like if you talk in OOC chat and you ask for a ride EXAMPLE: /o Hey dude wanna go for a drink? And /b Yo dont say this to anyone but, Wanna go to the BAR?!?!

    Explain what is power game and give two different examples: Like if you just do it not roleplay it EXAMPLE: /me kicks him twice and runs away And /me Knees him in the head and starts to laugh, Those example they did not roleplay it, They just did it right away.
    Explain what is "gun from ass": I don't know.

    Explain what is "RP to win" and give two different examples: I don't know.

    Give an example of a good detailed role play /me: /me takes out his cellphone

    Give an example of a bad role play /me: /me give me your money now

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