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    Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] apply

    Rose Lee

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    Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] apply Empty Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] apply

    Post  Rose Lee on Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:25 pm

    Name : Rose Lee
    Age : 21
    Date of Birth : 23/08/1996
    Current Job : N/A
    House Location : Rodeo's range
    Driver License : Yes
    Pilot License : Yes
    Gun Skill Overall : 10/10

    And define this RP test . Example : DM - Deathmatch - Killing people without an valid RP reason .

    DM : Deathmatch - Killing people without an valid RP reason .
    PG : Powergaming - Forcing someone to do something he can't in IRL.
    RK : Revengekill - Killing someone after he killed you.
    KoS : Killingonsight - Killing any one you see with out a reason.
    QS : Quickswap - Changing guns to evoid reloading.
    DB : Drive by - is shooting someone while you are in a car.
    CK : Crackshoot - using a "C"bug to shoot faster.

    Biography :

    my name is "Rose". I was born in a poor family. My father, "Djole" is
    an american man. He is a doctor in All saint hospital. My mother "Yin"
    is a chinese woman. She was working in "N ew Y ork P olice D epartment"
    untill she died in a police mission with many other members. So, my
    father and i moved from "New York" to "Los Santos". In that place, i saw
    little boys selling drugs, girls sold themselves for rich men. People
    died by gangsters because they didn't gave them money or by bad cops
    because they lied to them. When i was 10 years old, i wasn't scared from
    guns cause i was seeing them every where. The jungle rules was ruling
    the hood. But, i learned every thing that 15 years old girl should know.
    My father was trying hard to protect me and keep me safe. He teached me
    how to use guns. In the age of 17, i started learning about the job of
    cops and do they work.I wanted to be in " FBI " to clear all the
    streets ,and especially Los Santos. I wanted to arrest every bad guy in
    the city, untill they end.
    After i completed my learning in the
    college, My father and i was in San Fierro in a vacation. But, we
    accidently took photos for gangsters robbing people. From that day, the
    gangsters was trying to kill us and take back the photos. Sadly, when i
    was buying some foods and medicin for my father, they killed him and
    took what they was looking for. When i came back to Los Santos, i
    started making plans and buying guns. I wanted to get my revenge. But, i
    saw one night my father in my dream. He told me to stay away from
    troubles and never play with the bad guys and he told me to never fight
    fire with fire. So, i became a lawyer because i wanted to forget who
    killed my father. I was a hard worker. I was working 24/7. Untill i
    found a BF. His name is * * * * * * . He works in the Los Santos Police
    Department. He is a very nice guy. He is very kind and helpful. He is 27
    years old. He is the best guy i ever met. He is a hard worker like me.
    He goes to work at 6 am and come back home at 9 pm. I will marrie him in
    the new year.

    Thank you for reading my Bio, and i hope you accept me in the FBI.

    Why do you want to Join FBI ? :
    want to clear San Andreas from all the gangeters and the criminals and i
    want to keep it safe. I want to protect the civilians and the governers
    and keep them all safe. I am a hard worker and i think that i can be a
    good member of the FBI.


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    Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] apply Empty Re: Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] apply

    Post  Mitchell10123 on Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:13 pm


    You went all-out with this! Well done! You didn't have to do this much at all, but it's really impressed me! Well done!

    (( Ask an admin for an invite or find me IG ))

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