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    Rules of the FBI (( IC ))


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    Rules of the FBI (( IC )) Empty Rules of the FBI (( IC ))

    Post  Mitchell10123 on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:58 am

    Rules of the FBI:

    - Always arm yourself; have a tactical vest (undamaged), a first aid kit and suitable weapons.

    - Be respectful to higher ranking FBI officers; don't argue with them or do anything to harm them.

    - Corruption will not be tollorated. If you are caught being corrupt (( only IC )), you will immidiately be dealth with and be either demoted or removed from the FBI depending on the seriousness of the situation.

    - Don't harm any other law enforcement teams unless they attack you first. This will cause tension between them and us. Even if they do attack you first, at least try to avoid harming them. If they do attack you, tell a high ranking FBI officer and they will inform the attacking departments high ranking members.

    - Please do not beg for a promotion. The higher ranks will decide themselves on whether you deserve one or not. However, you can recommend people for promotions.

    - Always dress smartly if you are on duty (unless you are on an undercover mission). You must look good if you are representing yourself as an FBI agent.

    Signed: Daniel Mitchell, FBI Director.

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