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    Roleplaying Injuries [Guide]


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    Roleplaying Injuries [Guide] Empty Roleplaying Injuries [Guide]

    Post  Walker on Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:45 pm

    How to Roleplay your injuries


    This guide will contain the following things:

    - How to act after you've been shot
    - How to act when you're involved in a car crash

    How to act if you've been shot


    First of all, after you've been shot there's a high chance that you aren't able to run at all, it depends on where the bullet is located at.
    So let's say you've been shot in your right leg, what would you do? well the best thing is to fall on the ground since I doubt you would continue running or walking if you got shot in real life.
    Here's a small example of what you could do:

    /me Falls onto the ground, due to the impact of the bullet
    /do His leg is bleeding heavily

    You could also shout and scream in the chat that it hurts or what so ever.. and if you've been shot in your stomach than you could RP that you're heaving trouble breathing, or you could even die because of it.
    There are also a couple of animations you could use for this, like /injured /lifejump /kostomach /fall.
    Here's a bad example:

    /me Feels a bit dizzy
    /do You see a bruise on my leg
    /me Stands up, and runs away again

    It would be almost impossible to run away with a bullet in your leg, you might be able to walk away real slowly but even that would hurt like..
    So please, try to make up some realistic injuries if you've been shot somewhere, you would be able to walk around with a bullet, but the pain would kill you so you could roleplay the pain by screaming or what so ever.

    How to act when you're involved in a car crash


    Well, if you're involved in a car crash then the best thing you could do is try to make up some injuries depending on the crash. If you crashed into a faggio then there's a high chance that your vehicle is only damaged a bit but you don't have injuries, the faggio driver instead would have a few mayor injuries.
    It also depends on how fast someone drives, if someone drives 5 km/h then it's obviously that you won't have as much injuries then when someone drives 50 km/h.
    So i'll just give you a couple of situations and what you could do if something like that happens to you.

    Example 1:
    You're driving around with your car, and suddenly a big truck hits your vehicle:
    Well, this is like the faggio example, you're inside a small car compared to the truck. You could roleplay that your vehicle doors are jammed and that you're not able to get out. You could also roleplay that you have a broken leg, arm or what so ever. It's also possible that you have wounds on your head, chest, legs and that you're un-concious because of the injuries. I'm just giving some small examples, there's more than enough you can think of just try to use your imagination.
    Also, if the person who rammed your vehicle decides to drive away without roleplaying anything then /report him but please.. don't drive away yourself, just continue the roleplay by yourself.

    Example 2:
    You're walking around on the street, while suddenly a car rams into you:
    The driver in the car could have minor injuries, like a bruise or a small wound because he rammed with his head onto the steering wheel or what so ever (if he hasn't got an airbag) you instead could have some serious injuries, like bones sticking out of your leg, or you could have trouble breathing, and your heart could stop pumping any minute. You could also have glass from the windows inside your head, chest or what so ever. and alot more.
    Here's a small example of the correct /do's and /me's.

    /me Falls onto the ground.
    /me Opens his eyes slowly, and tries to speak
    P..le..please h..e..lp..
    /do You see a big pile of blood laying around me

    [color=black]Try to talk with spaces between your letters, or repeat a small part of the word and then type the complete word after it. Since you wouldn't be able to speak normal if you're about to die or what so ever.

    Here's a bad example:
    /me Looks around
    He fucker, why did you ram me?
    /me looks angry at him

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